18 of the Best Space and Astronomy Websites

Are you ambitious, curious, and eager to unlock all the secrets of our universe? Does the fact that we are not alone in the universe intrigue you?

Space and astronomy websites are not just a great place to find all the answers to all your burning questions about space, but they also keep you updated regarding the recent happenings in the solar system. 

We have listed the top 10 space websites in this article. If this looks like something you might be interested in, keep reading!

1. Universe Today

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As the name suggests, Universe Today provides its readers with the latest space and astronomy news. 

The website is divided into several categories and pages. You will find a section named “Guide to Space” on the website, which contains hundreds of articles. These articles cover a wide range of topics, including every planet in our solar system, outer space, space exploration, cosmology, and even the famous astronauts. 

Unlike most websites, the articles on this website do not just teach the basics. All the articles cover almost every possible detail about the topics, making them a great option for people of all ages. 

Moreover, if you are not in the mood to read something, the website’s photo and video sections are definitely a sight to sore eyes!


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NASA is probably the first word that pops up in your mind when you think about a space agency, and if it is, we have some good news for you. 

Since NASA is in charge of U.S. science and technology areas related to space, it is a credible source of information. It brings you the latest news, images, and videos from America’s space agency. You will find a wide range of practical information instead of theoretical information on this website, revolving around our solar system’s current situation. 

The website is divided into several sections, including space tech, Earth, Moon to Mars, and much more. Alongside the overview, you will also find relevant images and recordings in each section. 

Moreover, you can also listen to podcasts on the website, and if you want to save the e-books to read them later, you can always download them!

3. Space

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Space is another comprehensive website offering detailed space-related information to its readers. It has been covering the latest space discoveries since 1999 and has also received several journalism awards, which makes it one of the most credible sources of space news out there. 

The website’s content is updated regularly, so you will find all the latest discoveries and space missions here. The content section is divided into several categories to make it easier for the reader to navigate. 

You will also find a category named “Calendar,” which lists all the important events going to take place in the near future so you can stay updated. 

4. Space Weather

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As the name suggests, Space Weather provides information and the latest news about the space environment to its readers. Since this website contains advanced-level information about the Sun-Earth environment, it might not be suitable for beginners. 

If you are interested in getting daily updates about the space weather, you can subscribe to the paid alert packages. Moreover, you can visit the website’s “Real-time Image Gallery” to have a look at each day’s jaw-dropping aurora borealis, which is one of the most beautiful spectacles in the sky. 

5. HubbleSite

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HubbleSite is named after the Hubble Space Telescope launched by NASA in 1990 and has been providing views of cosmic wonders since then. 

As the name suggests, HubbleSite provides information regarding the latest discoveries of the Hubble Space Telescope. Up ‘till now, Hubble has made more than one million observations, and you can find the most important ones on the website. 

Apart from news, you can also view images and watch videos of outer space taken by the telescope. The best part, however, is that the website allows the users to visit the Space Telescope live and see what Hubble is looking at right now!

6. Sky & Telescope

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Sky & Telescope is a website specifically designed for observers. There are three main sections of the website; news, observing, and tools. 

You can read about all the latest astronomy news and observation tips in the website’s news section. The “Observing” section contains stargazing tips, audio tours, and guides to help the readers observe planets, stars, and much more. 

The “Tools” section contains a wide range of astronomical tools, including interactive sky charts to improve the observation experience. 

7. EarthSky

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Among all the websites we mentioned above, some offer detailed information about space, while some revolve around astronomical tools. 

If you are looking for a website covering all these topics under a single roof, then EarthSky might be one of the best options out there. The website is divided into several categories, each catering to individuals of different interests. 

You can also find the ideal places to stargaze near you through the website. Moreover, apart from astronomy and space, you will also find other information relevant to Earth’s current events, such as earthquakes and climate change. 

8. Astronomy

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This website focuses on observing techniques and the latest astronomical news. The readers have the option to filter news according to their preferences, which makes navigation easier. 

This website has a video section where you will find plenty of pre-recorded informational videos. It also hosts live streams, which is another great way to learn about your favorite topics. 

One of the most exciting features of this website is that it has a separate column for kids to teach them the basics of astronomy. The kids’ section has articles on almost every known planet and other topics like asteroids. 

Moreover, if you are looking to buy some stargazing equipment, the “Product review” section is a safe place to turn to. 

9. Planetary

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The Planetary Society is an active non-profit organization whose mission is to expand the public knowledge of space exploration. Their website, Planetary, is focused on creating accessible and educational content for people interested in exploring space. For that reason, it provides its readers with all the necessary tools needed to learn about space.

You will not just find informational articles on this site. You can also explore planets and learn about space missions via Planetary radio. The recordings are available for downloading, and you can also listen to them on major podcast networks such as Spotify. 

Moreover, Planetary also offers online courses on different space and astronomy topics, and you can enroll in these courses for free!

10. Cloudy Nights 

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Cloudy Nights is an astronomical community that provides its readers with a wide range of informational articles and reviews about popular stargazing tools. 

This website is suitable for individuals who are already aware of all the basics since most of the articles you will find here revolve around advanced astronomical tools and the latest discoveries. If you are interested in writing articles about space or reviewing relevant tools, you can also get your writings published on the website!

11. Space News

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This site has been in operation for over 30 years and provides comprehensive online and in-print coverage of developments in the military, civil and commercial space industry. They offer analysis of the political and business aspects of space exploration, and their newsletters are an excellent way to receive regular space news.

12. Space Flight Now

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This site provides news coverage of developments in space flight from countries all around the world. Some of the site’s best features are the launch schedule for future missions from all active spaceports, and a log of all missions since 2004. The site also has mission reports and archived news. Members get access to videos of space launches in 4K.

13. Space Daily

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This is the main site of the Space Media Network, which comprises over 20 active sites – many of which are accessible from the home page. Targeted at industry experts, it offers no opinion pieces, just factual news. Though it’s not the best-looking site, it’s a free service with no login requirements or paywall, and it is comprehensive in its coverage.

14. Space Flight Insider

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This site is affiliated with the National Space Society, and their international team of writers provides the latest news on the aerospace industry. The site features an image gallery, a launch calendar, and a mission monitor with a live stream. Another neat feature is The Hangar, which is a catalog detailing the specifications of a range of launch vehicles, spacecraft, and launch facilities.

15. NASA Watch

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This site, as the name suggests, provides commentary and insider information about NASA. Founded by credentialed NASA journalist and former NASA employee, Keith Cowing, it is a focal point for public accountability of the agency, offering a critical eye on its past and future activities. There is a huge amount of archived information dating back to 1993, as well as daily updates and social media feeds.

16. European Space Agency

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This beautifully designed site is associated with the European Space Agency. It features news, an image gallery, a Web TV stream, updates on ESA projects, and information on job vacancies. One of its notable features is the ESA Kids page, a trove of educational resources and games for kids.

17. Astronomy Now

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Co-founded by the U.K’s legendary amateur astronomer Sir Patrick Moore, Astronomy Now magazine has been in publication since 1987. Its website provides information for stargazers, an interactive sky chart, and information on the AstroFest, an annual two-day event held in London to celebrate astronomy and space exploration.

18. Phys

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This U.K-based site is an aggregator for news in a wide range of science, technology, mathematics, and engineering subjects. The site claims to publish up to 200 articles every day, including their own science journalism, press briefings, and summaries of journal reports. The astronomy and space section features news stories ranked by popularity.


It’s never too late to unfold the mysteries our universe has been hiding, and online websites are a great way to do so. 

Now that we have reached the end of this article, we hope that it helped you find a space website that caters to your interests.