How Long Would It Take To Get To Venus?

It would take on average about 109 or more days to get to Venus, depending on the type of spacecraft you were traveling in and when you took flight.

There are many factors that can affect how long it takes to get to Venus. The planets Earth and Venus follow their own orbits, so depending on how long ago you left for Venus, it could have been farther away than when you left ten months earlier or later. Additionally, the type of spacecraft you are traveling in can make a big difference in how long it takes to get there.

How Far Is Venus From Earth?

The distance to Venus from Earth is an average of 42.2 million miles; the furthest possible distance is 161.6 million miles, while the shortest is 24.8 million miles. The distance differs depending on where Venus and Earth are currently orbiting.

How Fast Can We Arrive on Venus?

Using the fastest spacecraft, the Juno spacecraft, and the shortest possible distance, you can arrive at Venus in about 6 days. However, if you are using an average spacecraft which goes around 16,150 miles an hour, you would reach Venus in around 40 days. However, these are only approximations using the shortest distance.

The fastest recorded journey to reach Venus is the Mariner 2’s in 1962, which arrived at the planet in 109 days. While the longest recorded journey was 198 days, by the Pioneer Venus 1,

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Venus?

The best time to travel to Venus is during inferior conjunction. Inferior conjunction happens when Venus is closest to Earth and the two planets’ orbits are on the same side of the sun. This occurs about every 580–590 days, so you would need to plan ahead if you wanted to travel to Venus using inferior conjunction.

When Is the Worst Time to Travel to Venus?

Venus is best avoided during the superior conjunction. Superior conjunction is when Venus is on the other side of the sun from Earth. So if you left during this time, it would take a lot longer to get to Venus than if you had waited until the inferior conjunction, and you would pass through the sun’s vicinity to get there.


It is most efficient to travel to Venus during inferior conjunction, as there is the shortest distance between the two planets. However, there are many factors that will affect how long your journey to Venus takes, including the type of spacecraft you are traveling in, the distance between Earth and Venus, and when you leave.