Pink Planets

If we will be basing on the 8 planets in our solar system, then there are no pink planets. However, NASA’s international team captured an image of a “pink planet” with the use of the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii outside our solar system.

The exoplanet, called GJ 504b, is a gas giant that is about four times the size of Jupiter. It’s located about 57 light-years away from Earth in the constellation Virgo. The world is a beautiful pink color, orbiting a star that looks very similar to our sun. The images that were taken of this planet are absolutely stunning.

GJ 504b Characteristics

The planet, named GJ 504b, is composed of pink gas. The planet’s intense heat of 460°F causes it to produce a bright, luminous glow. Formed approximately 160 million years ago, it still radiates a considerable amount of heat – enough to give off a pink hue. NASA compares the color to “a dark cherry blossom” or “a dull magenta.”

What Would It Feel Like To Stand On GJ 504b?

If you were to stand on the surface of GJ 504b, you would be instantly vaporized by extreme heat and pressure. The conditions are so hostile that even the most durable space suit would not protect you. This is definitely not a planet that could sustain life as we know it. Also, the gravity in this pink world is ten times stronger than Earth’s!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the first pink planet that has been discovered outside of our solar system. This fascinating world is sure to capture the imaginations of people all over the globe. Even though we will never be able to visit this planet, it’s still fun to think about the odds of there being other pink planets out there in the vast universe!