What is the Bright Star In The East Sky?

When it becomes dark and you look at the night sky, you will see a glowing star shining brightly in the east. This star is called Sirius, and it is the brightest star in the night sky. It can be seen from all over the world and has been used for centuries by sailors to navigate their ships at sea.

Most people, for at least once in their life, have the experience of looking up at night and marveling at this beautiful star in the eastern sky. It’s been said that it was one of the stars used by the three wise men to guide their way to Bethlehem, as it is easy to spot from afar due to its brightness.

Sirius can be seen every night during most months of the year, although its visibility is best during the winter. It has a blue-white hue, and along with its brightness, the star stands out amongst the other stars in the night sky. In fact, Sirius can be seen up to twice as bright as any of the other stars around it.

How to Find Sirius?

Sirius might be the easiest star to spot in the night sky, but it still needs a bit of preparation and knowledge. To find Sirius, you should look at the eastern sky and locate the Orion constellation. It is a bright belt of three stars which is very easy to identify with the naked eye. The belt points exactly toward Sirius. The bright star on the little left that is almost at the same level as Orion is Sirius.

Interesting Facts about The Sirius Star

Here are a few facts about this incredible star in the east:

1. Sirius is 8.6 light-years away from our solar system and is one of the closest stars to us.

2. It is part of a binary star system, meaning it has a companion star known as Sirius B.

3. The star gets its name from the Greek word “Seirios”, which means “glowing” or “scorching.”

4. It is believed to be around 25 times brighter than our own Sun!

5. Sirius is also known as “The Dog Star” because it’s the brightest in the constellation Canis Major (denote “greater dog” in Latin).

6. Sirius is 242 million years old. Although it sounds like a lot, it is very young compared to other stars.


Sirius is a beautiful star that is worth admiring and looking up at each night when you get the chance to do so. Its beauty, brightness, and significance throughout history make it an incredible sight to behold in the night sky. So next time you go outside and look up, don’t forget to spot this star in the east!