Why Doesn’t The Moon Have An Atmosphere?

Moon is the natural satellite of the earth and the most recognizable object in the night sky. We, the people of the earth, have immense curiosity about it. In case you are wondering why doesn’t the moon have an atmosphere, here is the answer.

The moon doesn’t have an atmosphere because it doesn’t have enough gravity to hold one. Atmospheres are made up of gas molecules, and the moon’s gravity is only about 1/6th as strong as Earth’s. That means that gas molecules on the moon are constantly escaping, preventing an atmosphere from forming.

The magnetic field also plays a role in the lack of an atmosphere on the moon. The Earth’s magnetic field protects our atmosphere by deflecting charged particles from the sun. The moon doesn’t have a magnetic field, so it is constantly bombarded by these particles. This makes the surface of the moon incredibly hostile to life as

Moon vs Earth Atmosphere

The moon does have some very thin layers of gases at its surface, but they’re not dense enough to be considered an atmosphere. So why does Earth have an atmosphere? Our planet’s gravity is much stronger than the moon’s, so gas molecules are pulled closer to the surface and don’t escape as easily.

The moon’s lack of an atmosphere means it doesn’t have weather as we do on Earth. There’s no wind or rain, and temperatures range from about -280 degrees Fahrenheit during the lunar night to 260 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.

Although the moon doesn’t have an atmosphere, it does have an exosphere. It contains deficient levels of hydrogen, helium, and other gases. These gases are gravitationally bound to the moon, but they are constantly escaping and too sparse to act as a proper atmosphere.


The moon is a fascinating place, and we’re still learning more about it every day. It’s one of the few places in our solar system where we can see firsthand what happens when a body doesn’t have an atmosphere. And while the moon may be a barren, airless world now, there’s evidence that it once had a much thicker atmosphere. 

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