How Long Would It Take To Get To Saturn?

Getting to Saturn from Earth takes about 2.5 years if you take the quickest route. Although they can be as close as 746 million miles apart, traveling at light speed would make this trip just 1 hour and 6 minutes long!

Imagine a spacecraft traveling at an average speed of 16,150 miles per hour. It would take 5.3 years to reach Saturn. Using the fastest spacecraft available, speeding at 430,000 miles an hour, the journey would be a little over 2 months and 1 week.

What Is the Farthest Distance From Earth to Saturn?

The longest distance from Earth to Saturn is 900 million miles. This is about half the distance to Pluto. Traveling at the speed of light, it would take 44 minutes. Using the fastest spacecraft at 428,700 miles an hour, it would take around 2.9 months to reach Saturn.

Space Missions to Saturn

Voyager 1 holds the record for the quickest journey between Earth and Saturn, covering the distance in three years (1977 to 1980). This mission gave us an extraordinary amount of information about Saturn and its moons.

Other missions to Saturn, like the Cassini mission launched in 1997, took even longer. Cassini spent seven years reaching Saturn. Despite the long trip, it gave us invaluable details about Saturn, its rings, and its moons, providing data we couldn’t have gotten any other way.