How did the Leo constellation get its name?


The Leo constellation is one of the most recognizable and famous constellations in the night sky. It is located in the northern sky and is visible from both hemispheres. In this article, we will explore how the Leo constellation got its name and the myths and stories associated with it.

Origin of the Name

The Leo constellation is named after the Latin word for lion. The ancient Greeks named the constellation “Leon” and the Romans later adopted the Greek name. The lion has been an important symbol in many cultures throughout history, and it was a popular symbol in ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

Myths and Legends

In Greek mythology, the Leo constellation represents the Nemean Lion, a monster slain by the hero Heracles (Hercules). The Nemean Lion was said to be an enormous and ferocious beast that was invulnerable to weapons. Heracles strangled the lion with his bare hands and used its own claws to skin it. He then wore the lion’s skin as a cloak and helmet, which made him invincible in battle.

In another Greek myth, the Leo constellation is associated with the goddess Hera, who placed the Nemean Lion in the sky as a tribute to Heracles’ great feat. Hera was the wife of Zeus and the queen of the gods, and she was known for her jealous and vengeful nature. Heracles was one of her main targets and she made many attempts to thwart him throughout his life.

In Egyptian mythology, the Leo constellation was associated with the god Sekhmet, who was depicted as a lioness-headed goddess. Sekhmet was a powerful and fearsome goddess, and she was believed to be the protector of the pharaohs. The Egyptians believed that the constellation represented the strength and power of the pharaohs.


The Leo constellation has a rich history and mythology that spans thousands of years. It has been an important symbol in many cultures throughout history, and it continues to inspire and captivate people today. Whether you see it as a fierce monster or a powerful protector, the Leo constellation is a reminder of the enduring power and beauty of the night sky.